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Dear Customer!

Our main goal at all times is to offer to all of you fresh, healthy food in the center of Debrecen, with fantastic view to our downtown.

Visit us and see it for yourself!


Within debrecen we deliver the meal you ordered. If you want to order from near Debrecen please call us first!

Good appetite!



After choosing the meal you'd like to order, put in in the e-basket! You don't have to call us, the order will be delivered shortly!

Thank you for choosing us!


Daily menu

From monday til friday, daily menus from 11:30 until 15:00 (approximately 40-50 portions every day)

If you want to take it away, it will cost 50 forints more.

Webshop opening hours:

Monday: 10:45-21:30 Wednesday: 10:45-21:30 Saturday: 10:45-21:30
Tuesday: 10:45-21:30 Thursday: 10:45-21:30 Sunday: 10:45-21:30
Friday: 10:45-21:30